How It Works

Congratulations you are now in possession of one of the best Hotel Discount Programs in the world, featuring thousands of select brand name hotels worldwide.

1. All discounts are based on the value and length of stay, not per night.   

2. Activate your Voucher Code using the “Activate” link on the home page. You will first enter the Voucher Code then be directed to a short form for your name and email address.

3. Go to the “Search” link on the home page or the “Book Your Trip” tab above. You will be asked to enter an active Voucher Code to continue access to the search and booking area.

4. Use the Search Form to enter your desired location, dates and number of adults and children travelling. For three or more adults, you will be able to select a twin bed option later in the process.

5. All the hotels within your location and search radius will be listed in order of ascending Standard price. There may be even better room rates for a specific hotel and you can see the full list of room options and rates by clicking the “Continue” button of your chosen hotel.

6. You will now see a list of room options with associated price, discount and price you will pay. Select the room option that suits you.

7. Prior to booking your room you will always be provided the allowable maximum discount so that you can make an informed decision.

8. You can now complete the booking and payment forms before clicking the “Book Now” button

9. You will receive a confirmation email from us with the details of your booking and the Hilton confirmation number.

If you need to cancel your booking, you can do so on the Click Here to Cancel tab at the top of each page.

10. Any discount amount not applied from your Voucher Code to a specific booking shall remain available to you for another booking without an expiration date. Here are the (3) examples of how this works:

I. If your Voucher Code (VC) has a value of 100.00 and the allowable discount is 100.00 for your length of stay for the room you will receive the full value of the code as a discount off the room rate.
II. If your VC has a value of 100.00 and the allowable discount is 60.00 for your length of stay for the room, and you book the room, you will receive 60.00 as a discount off the room rate. The remaining 40.00 will never expire and can be used at a future date and is transferable.
III. If your VC has a value of 100.00 and the allowable discount is greater than 100.00 for your length of stay you will have the option to proceed with the booking with a 100.00 discount or wait and request an additional VC from us via Support in the contact section.

11. All or part of the value of the card can be gifted or transferred to a third party.

12. You will have the option to purchase further Voucher Codes at a discount.

Note. This is a discount program and the amount of money that you have in your VC will never pay for the full cost of a hotel stay. You may or may not be able to use the full value of your VC on one booking depending on the scenarios exampled in Section 10 above.

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This is a not a Hilton Gift Card
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